Morvich & Glen Lichd walk

Looking back towards Morvich - River Croe
Looking back towards Morvich - River Croe

Getting into Morvich is fun in itself. The loop road which is the old road before the 'new' causway was built, passes the old cemetery up on the hill and thence to the junction where the Caravan / Camping Site, Outdoor Centre and Morvich are or you can go on back to the main road past Carn Gorm to Ault a Chruinn. Its at the causeway you can usually see the (wild) goats. Tom saw them on top of the bus shelter once!

ANother eagle sighting at Morvich

There is a car park at Morvich and from there just locate the sign that indicates the way up Glen Lichd beside the Outdoor Centre. The sign should say ... Glen Affric via Glen Lichd. Go on through the gate ...

Stags on the hill at Glen Lichd
The residents of Glen Lichd

To the tright of the track you pass behind the 5 sisters of Kintail and to the left is the impressive Beinn Fhada & Ben Attow. The path starts by the side of the River Croe and as you go up the glen the river meanders to the left and back again to one point a couple of miles in (3km?) there is a mini sandy beach - a great place for a picnic in summer. Mostly you will see deer around here and the odd eagle soaring high, high up in the hills.

Hills on the Five Sisters side of the track
Some of the more interesting hills (behind the Five Sisters)

The big path ends around 6km up the glen at a wee house marked Glenlicht Ho on the OS map. The view and sounds of the river tumbling down the glen here is superb. On the lower side the house door announces ... Haddon Woodburn Memorial Hut - Edinburgh University Mountaineering Club. Just before the door daubed in paint is the single word 'Shelter' and within an unopened tin of beans and some juice. Very handy in a blizzard!

The road is mostly well formed but occasionally flooded with shallow fords
The long and winding road - well formed but with a few fords

If you are thinking of proceeding further on from Glenlichd House... be advised the way is steep and just a wee but disctinct track over the bridge and up the hill. Hardy, well equipped walkers can however make a circuit to Camban, The Glen Affric Youth Hostel (Alltbeithe) and then back behind Ben Attow returning to Morvich. NOT for the feint hearted and planning for this undertaking is essential.

The head of Glen Lichd where the path gets a little more difficult
The wee house at the head of Glen Lichd

I have been up here in winter (just as far as wee house used by the climbing club) and it can get VERY cold, snowy and windy. Be careful!

towards Glen Affric...
The path carries on towards Glen Affric...

Glen Lichd looking back towards Morvich
Glen Lichd looking back towards Morvich

Browsing the web I came across the memoirs of Donald John MacKenzie, a resident of many of the places listed in the walks. I highly reccommend reading it as it provides a true flavour of what life was like in the glens in the early part of the 20th century.

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